Experience, Expertise, Enabling

Our contribution to you is a rare combination of deep and broad knowledge of the health, local government and not for profit sectors in England with extensive expertise in the process and psychology of making transformational change happen.

Our people have real and recent experience of ‘working at the sharp end’ as leaders, subject matter experts and clinicians. This helps us understand the current issues your people face; and gain real credibility quickly.

Our style is based on our guiding principle of enabling others to achieve; not determining what they should be doing. We believe this builds sustainable improvements and allows us to work with both the hearts and minds of our clients and their teams.


Our reputation is built upon:

  • Our ability to build effective relationships, quickly, at all levels
  • Our sophisticated and blended approach to facilitate change and development
  • The calibre and experience of our team
  • Our in-depth knowledge and experience of health and care in England
  • Our creativity
  • Our pragmatism and willingness to work through challenges with you
  • Our determination to deliver results for you

Our Approach

Our initiatives are bespoke and tailored precisely to your need. There is nothing pre-defined or prescribed in our approach, nor are we tied to any particular method or technology. We use our expertise to diagnose areas for improvement, design and create solutions grounded in a deep understanding of how people learn and respond to change and deliver in a way that suits your people and your context.

Our work with you is underpinned by 6 principles:


These enable us to deliver quality outcomes on time and in ways that quickly generate benefits and useful insights for stakeholders.